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Appa Paithiyam Swamy Samadhi, Salem

In June this year, we were on a visit to Erode and Salem. On our way back, our friend Umayaal recommended visiting the Appa Paithiyam Swamy Samadhi. I had heard a bit about this Siddhar and how the Pondicherry Chief Minister, Mr. Rangasamy had considered him his guru and all his political success had been attributed to the Appa Paithiyam Swamy's guidance and direction.

The temple is quite well known in Salem and we found our way easily. On going there, I was surprised to see a big hall with a sanctum sanctorum housing a statue of Appa Paithiyam Swamy built over his samadhi. Apart from that, wood and fiber statues of the Siddhar, so realistic and lifelike are also placed inside glass chambers to the left of the sanctum sanctorum. A large number of people were found praying, meditating or chanting inside this temple.

Appa Paithiyam Swamy was born in the Zamin family of Karur Fort in the year 1859. In his 16th year, he is said to have left home and gone to Palani. While he was roaming around in the hills of Palani, he is said to have met his Gnana Guru, Sri Azhukku Swamigal of Vettaikaaran pudhur. Together they travelled the length and breadth of India. After Azhukku Swamigal attained Samadhi at Pollachi, Sri Appa Paithiyam Swamigal moved to several places like Tiruvannamalai, Tindivanam, Cuddalore, Pondicherry and finally to Salem where he attained Samadhi in the year 2000 when he was 141 years old.
Azhukku Swamigal, the Guru of Sri Appa Paithiyam Swamy
During his many years at Pondicherry, the Chief Minister, Mr. Rangasamy is said to have met him and have become his ardent devotee. This connection continued even after the Swamy moved to Salem, and even now the CM frequents the Samadhi as and when he requires divine guidance from his Guru. This has prompted several people who aspire for a career in politics to visit this temple and seek guidance from this Siddhar.

Throughout his life, Appa Paithiyam Swamy was involved in providing Annadhanam (free meals) to the people who came to him. Even today this system continues and free meals are provided to all those who visit the temple. During his travels, he is said to have repaired and reconstructed several ancient shrines with the support of the local people. Several people suffering from chronic ailments have come here and have been cured with his blessings. Staying at the temple on full moon days is said to cure even people suffering from mental ailments or treatment failure. People who have been cured by the Swamy have become his ardent devotees for life and frequent his temple for prayers and thanksgiving.

Why did he come to be known as Appa Paithiyam? Since he was like a father to those who had faith in him, he was lovingly called Appa by his devotees. He often referred to himself as "Paithiyam"( mad man), and hence came to be known as Appa Paithiyam Swamy.

He was also called Beedi Samiyar, as he was often seen smoking Beedi. Several people who knew and worshipped him during his lifetime used to take the beedi stubs as prasad and keep it in their homes. People also place lemons on the feet of the Swamy's statue and drink the juice to obtain childbirth or be cured of ailments. Another common practice at this temple is to write "Om Parashakthi Appa Paithiyam Swamy" with Vibhooti (sacred ash) on a plate and light a lamp using Banana Pith wick and place it on the plate. This lamp burns for three days and is said to relieve the devotee of any problem he is facing. We see several people whose prayers have been answered offering "Panchamirtham" (a combination of banana, ghee, powdered sugar, dates and raisins ) to Appa Paithiyam Swamy as an expression of gratitude.

Fiber and Wood statues of the Swamy in the temple complex
Mr. Madhaiyan, who performs poojas and offers Vibhoothi as prasad, tells us all the interesting facts and miracles in the life of Appa Paithiyam Swamy. He takes us to the office room where he gives us pictures of the Swamy. Interestingly, there is an automated Vibhoothi Vending machine set in such a way that when you place your hand under the picture of the Swamy, the Vibhoothi falls into your palm from his raised hand. Several people queue up to collect Vibhoothi from the picture.

The sayings of Appa Paithiyam Swamy are displayed prominently at different places in the temple:
1. Boasting will destroy a man.
2.If you keep your mind clean, there will be no cause for worry.
3.Only Annadhanam (donating food) will free a man from his sins.
4. A man who does not change in front of the Swamy cannot be changed by the World.
5.Sharing food will cure hunger. Hoarding and eating by oneself will bring disease.
6.There is nothing greater than a mother's blessing in this world.
7.When you take one step towards the Swamy, he takes ten steps towards you.
8.No mantras are required for one whose mind is clean.
9. One gets benefits based on his efforts.

Several thousands of devotees throng the temple during the birthday of Swamy (28th day of the tamil month of Chithirai) and his Guru Pooja on day of Ashwini in the tamil month of Thai.

The temple is situated on the same road as the Salem Railway Station and is accessible by bus and auto from all parts of Salem. It is open between 5.30 am and 12.30 pm in the morning and 5.30 pm and 8.30 pm in th evening. The contact numbers are 0427 - 2447078, 2331974.

Appa Paithiyam Swamy has been performing several miracles in the lives of those who trust him. The serene environment of the temple provides a soothing effect to those seeking peace of mind. If you happen to be in this part of the world, do stop by and get the blessings of the Swamy.


My special thanks to Mr. Manimarron whose videos on Youtube about Appa Paithiyam Swamy Temple have been used in this post to give a better feel to the reader about the Swamy and the temple.


  1. Swami you are gr8, good to hear his complete biography from your article Priya

  2. Wow..didn't about it..Liked the detailed explanation..Faith can move mountains..and teachings of Appa Paithiyam Swamy are simple and makes lot of sense.

  3. @bemoneyaware, absolutely well said.
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  4. Very informative post, especially regarding the sayings of the Swamy. And being a tamilian, I was very curious about the temple with "Appa Paithiyam" as a part of its name :P
    Great post, thanks for posting, otherwise I wouldn't have known about this place. I'll go visit someday. After all, there's too much wealth to see and behold in our own country, I'd rather spend my vacations here than in some exotic foreign nation :)

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  5. This is a fantastic post mam. You have described the temple very well, it looks simple yet beautiful...
    His messages are so so true.

  6. Your detailing makes all temples to be added on to the 'to go' list.


  8. Thank you for your feedback Regards Priya

  9. if you pray appa swamy with your pure open heart swamy will talk to you. and also help you with some one good hearted human. this is true and promise. from s.k.shiva puducherry.

  10. your informations are useful to me.---by dr siva my email inform about siddhar's jeevasamathi to this email.

  11. Appa swamy life is same like buddha. Cause both born wealthy.but they went away from all their surrounding.this is reality loved appa swamy by all.....

  12. Thanks for the information about Appa Paithiyam Swamy he is the one who gave me the name for me as Renugopal my whole family is devote for swamy in 1980s he was in arumbaruthi forest in my aunty farm house he stayed we are near village every week end we all my father and mother and my sis will go and get blessing from him the moment is unforgettable for us i always like to go there and my childhood days i use to say i also want to become sami like appa samy

    1. Mr Renugopal ,first of all i need to thank your aunt.Because once upon the time i think in 1970's my mom was fallen sick due to small pox and she was in serious condition.At that time we come to know about "Thatha swamy"(I will call him like thaT only from my chilhood) staying in your aunt house.Then my Grandfather took my Mother to your aunt house.When my mom saw swamy he gave mud because he was sitting in farm at that time, my mom had applied mud (Treating it as vibhoodhi)in her forehead and had it as prashadha.The next day she returned back to her house,yes she got entirely recovered from Small pox.Swamy gave some ayurvedhic medicine also and she got recoverd over night.

  13. hi if anybody plz refer any books about our swamiji and where i get that books

  14. Hi

    This is real incident happened in this holy place to our Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai Anbargal. Our anbargal use to put stall in important places during Guru Pooja days to tell people about Gnanam and the way to attain Lord.
    When our Anbargal entered this holy place four of our Anbargal heared clear voice from the samadhi calling them "Thava Seelargalae Vaarungal". Our service and Thavam recognised and honored by this saint. Please visit to know about Deekshai, Thavam as done and preached by all saints, siddhars.

  15. Hello frnd.. Tis swamy .ve more powerful. I prayed him bfr gng interview (i did.t prepare ) i got placed in that interview.. MNC cmpny.. Seriously..

  16. thanks you very much to publish in net and details information about my guru.surguru appa paithiya swamy is my guru from child i am 35 years .surguru stayed in my house .i am in 8th std.thanks a lot .i am having more information about my guru.

  17. Did anybody know about Azhukku siddhar,our swami's Guru??If so please share.Thanks.

  18. Did anybody knows about azhukku swamigal,our swami's guru??If so please share.Thanks.

    1. Appa paithiya swamy's guru aluku siddar's jeeva samadi is located in vettaikaran pudur,pollachi.very powerful make a visit.

    2. Mr.Tamilkumar, Appa paithiya swami's guru aluku siddar's jeeva samadi is located in vettaikaran pudur, pollachi. Very powerful place like Appa' make a visit.

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  20. Nice to hear the descriptive information of Swamiji. Thanks for sharing this information.

  21. I wish to share my experience from the Swamiji. In January 2013, I visited Swamiji's Salem temple and i was praying Swamiji whole heartedly. Sitting in the temple, I was praying swamiji my deep rooted desire to acquire a car and also my inability especialy my financial constraints. That time, one small child aged about two years was playing in the temple and was coming near to me. That child was wearing a T shirt and in the T shirt it was written as "Go for driving" and beneath it there was an embroidery work depicting car. I was asking Swamiji, is it for me. Then after distribution of viboothi, the temple priest also gave me a paper in which it was written as CAAAAAAAAAR (an advertisement). Again I was asking in my mind, "Swamiji, is it for me". After returning home (near Bangalore), I told my wife this experience.
    Next week, i went to a dealer near Kolar for seeing a second hand car and I took an Alto car and i paid partial amount and I told the dealer that I would pay balance 150000 within next two days. An unknown dealer who never knew me before has agreed for the deal. Next day evening I learnt the driving in a Ground and I told my wife that I am going to the dealer to pay the balance amount and my wife told me that she would also be accompanying me. When i reached the dealer's shop, my wife told me that I should go for an i10 which was far better than the Alto which i already brought. When i expressed my wish for i10, the dealer agreed for the same and I brought home only i10. I experience Swamiji's Grace in acquiring this car especially the arrangement of finance. One specific mention about this finance was in view of Government's order, all cheques payable to the staff were frozen but only my cheque for an amount of about 1.50 lakh has come by the Grace of Swamiji. It is because of Swamiji's Grace could acquire the vehicle and also learnt the driving.

  22. Belated reading...but still interesting,informative and thought-provoking!

  23. Hello,

    I had paranormal (spirit) experience in Yercaud, it happened twice.
    can some one guide me who can provide more information and guidance on this.


  24. Also Devi Mayamma Jeeva Samadhi temple is located in Salem near Central Law College.

  25. Dear Devotees,
    I had an opportunity to visit Appa Swamy yesterday during my visit to Salem.
    I m a Saibaba devotee and after visiting Sai temple, on the way back I visited and had darshan of Samadhi.
    I enquired there about Swamiji but was told to visit the site for info
    Today I visited this site and got the information.
    Thanks for sharing. My humble prostrations to the Great Siddha purusha.
    Jai Sainath

  26. Woderful description .My husband 'star denotes this great Siddha to be worshipped as his Guru WE WISH to visit the temple very soon