Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tamil Newspaper Dinathanthi allows article with copied content from Aalayam Kanden to be published!

This morning, I started reading the newspaper as usual. When I started glancing into the Aanmeegam Supplement, I was shocked to find that the article on Dhatriswarar Temple,Sithukadu had content and photographs copied verbatim from the post on the temple on Aalayam Kanden.

So much so, that even the watermark in the photograph had not been removed by this great Author, Mr. P.Thirugnanasambandar, from Thiruvallur and the newspaper, that calls itself No.1 as far as subscription is concerned, has not done any due diligence,or quality checks before accepting the article for publication.

Enraged, I tried to find a contact number or email address where I could send my webpage as well as the copied photographs from it.

After great difficulty, I was able to get a phone number. When I called on it, a gentleman called Senthil came on line saying he was working on the Aanmeegam supplement. When I shared my concern with him, I was told that everyone was on leave and that I should call back again tomorrow.

Aalayam Kanden totally condemns the unprofessional act of Thirugnanasambandar (why does a man who resorts to such cheap acts have such a saint's name) and Dinathanthi which has allowed the publishing of the article which has clear watermarked pictures from Aalayamkanden.

Bloggers like us, spend a great deal of time,money and effort to create original content in order to promote awareness about lesser known temples, and it is cheapsters like these who really dampen our spirits and intent.

I once had a medical doctor, lifting content and pictures verbatim from my blog site, and on confronting him, he removed the unauthorized content and gave a link to my page. I shudder to think, if this is his idea of ethics, what would happen to his patients?

My humble request to all plaguirists, current and future, if you cannot create original content, fine, no sweat, please do not copy content verbatim without acknowledging the creator. Atleast, have the courtesy to acknowledge the creator.

My Article on Sithukadu Dhatriswara Temple on Aalayam Kanden:


The article that was carried in Dhinathanthi today:

You can see that the picture of Garudakodi Sitthar clearly shows the aalayamkanden watermark right in the middle. Similarly, the photograph to the right is also copied from the blog and the watermark removed.

I truly hope the media in India and the so called No.1 newspapers will pay more attention to quality checks so that cheapsters like Thirugnanasambandar from Thiruvallur do not get an opportunity to gain cheap publicity from other people's content.


  1. Sad state of media.. Atleast they should've credited the source. Hope you find a remedy soon..

  2. This has happened with many bloggers in the past. I hope the newspaper gets wiser and the culprit is punished. I am not sure whether there is any legal support for this matter and how much time (and cost) consuming it is. I suggest that you raise this issue on IndiBlogger forum also so that others can provide help in this regard.

  3. Priya- Was it perhaps taken for granted that you will be happy over this act of their's? Pls keep me posted over this. Cheers.

  4. This is truly deplorable, but something that is so common, with perhaps only some instances getting noticed and addressed, and a host of others passing off unnoticed. There is little redress that is available unless you are prepared to litigate. However, what you might benefit from is a public and prominent credit to your site, and perhaps a feature on your work!! Turning poison into medicine! Wish you all the best, Priya, and don't fret, this is but an acknowledgement of the value of what you are doing.

  5. Very sorry to hear this. The newspaper as well as the author will be jointly and severally liable to pay the damages in the event of a litigation on copy rights. However I feel you may not be inclined to take it to that level. Please do send them an email on this and record your protest first, if you had not done it till now.

  6. Very sad that Plagiarism is getting more and more rampant these days. It was just recently that Fareed Zakaria was caught on similar charges. I have a feeling that many veteran journalists are resorting to this in the hope that they get away. This is a bad role model for society and for the younger generation.......

  7. If they don't act in your favour, shoot them a notice (regd. post with A.D.) telling them the exact situation. If they don't listen sue them. You'll surely win, and be entitled to compensation (damages).

  8. I am sorry this has happened to you. Do file a proper complaint.

  9. shame on the media... and these people not doing this for the first time... i heard lot many happenings similar...
    and this should be spread and they should be sued

  10. Do file a proper complaint. Its copy right violation. if they are doing it for free its ok . but they are using for business and making money. DHINATHANTHI SHAME ON YOU

  11. It is very sad to hear about all this. The plagiarists take it easy and should definitely be taught a lesson. I am with you in full support, and I hope our voice is heard soon.

  12. Ridiculous act. Hope you get it cleared soon.


  13. Are there IPR laws in India?...'yes'
    Does Plagiarism continue to happen?....'yes'
    What does the original authors do?....raise voices?
    How does the accused reacts?....they just ignore! don't care! they are in power, nothing could happen to them and so no botheration

    What could we do?....to stay at a loss?


  14. This is a condemnable act. I think that you need to take action against them, as bloggers we can help you to the best possible extent. You can contact swathi Pradeep and chutney case, both bloggers who have been victims of plagurism. Also, try the spicy ip copyright blog. It may be of some help.