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A town named after a saint!

At the entrance of Sri Sathya Vijaya Theertha Moola Brindavana
Sri Sathyapoorna Theerthar, Pontiff of  Uttaradhi Mutt was travelling through the town of Mannargudi in Tamilnadu when he heard of a young brahmin called Balachar and his knowledge about Vedas and Agamas. He decided to meet this young man.

Balachar was surprised that the saint had wanted to see him and he immediately came to his camp. Sri Sathyapoorna Theerthar asked him give up his sadhana of several months, and then come back to meet him. Without speaking another word, Balachar got ready to do as instructed. Moved by his devotion, Sathyapoorna Theerthar accepted him as his successor and named him "Sri Sathya Vijaya Theerthar".

Prior to meeting Balachar, Sri Sathyapoorna Theerthar had already named Sri Sathyapriya Theertha as his successor. Sathyapriya Theerthar had proceeded to North India on pilgrimage.

Understanding that his end was drawing near, and unable to reach Sathyapriya Theerthar, Sri Sathya Poorna Theerthar had made the move of appointing Sri Sathya Vijaya Theertha as his successor.

Soon after this event, Sri Sathyapoorna Theerthar entered Brindavana. Sri Sathyapriya Theerthar was still away. So, Sri Sathya Vijaya Theertha took over all the responsibilities of the Uttaradhi Mutt and executed them with care and diligence.

During his tenure, Sri Sathya Vijaya Theertha visited several places and finally reached Arani, a town in Tamilnadu.

Hanuman at the Sathya Vijaya Theertha Brindavana
The then Jagirdar of Arani was Sri Srinivasa Rao Sahib. The Jagir had been received by his ancestors for the services rendered to Chattrapati Shivaji's father, Shahaji. The Jagirdar received the Swami with utmost respect, and made all arrangements for his comfortable stay.

One day, the Swami and the Jagirdar were walking along the banks of the Kamandala Naga Nadhi, when they saw a five headed snake with a raised hood. The Swami asked the Jagirdar to move his palace close to that spot. The Jagirdar built a new palace called Diwan Khana here and made it his headquarters. He also named the place Sathya Vijaya Nagaram in honor of Sri Sathya Vijaya Theertha.

In 1737, Sathyavijaya Theertha called the Jagirdar and told him that his end was drawing near. He requested the Jagirdar to have his body carried eastwards till it became so heavy that it could not be carried any further and for his Brindavana to be built there.

He also requested the Jagirdar, to hand over a list of items belonging to the Mutt meticulously prepared by him to Sathyapriya Theerthar, his predecessor, who was still on tour. He asked for his idols of worship and Dhandam to buried close to his Brindavana . The last instruction was that Sathyapriya Theerthar should take these in exchange for his Dhandam.

Few days later, Sri Sathya Vijaya Theertha left his physical body. As instructed, the Jagirdar's men carried him eastwards till such time that they could no longer carry the body. It was the exact location where the Jagirdar had seen the five headed snake. A beautiful Brindavana was built there.

The Brindavana of Sri Sathya Vijaya Theertha
Sri Sathya Priya Theerthar returned from pilgrimage, a few days after Sri Sathya Vijaya Theerthar had entered Brindavana. The Jagirdar shared Sri Sathya Vijaya Theerthar's final words with him. Sri Sathya Priyar was a little perplexed about the exchange of Dhandams as he was senior in line and did not find it appropriate. However, he had a vision of Hanuman from the idol that was installed by Sri Vyasaraja (previous incarnation of Sri Raghavendra) at Sathya Vijaya Nagara which clarified that it would be perfectly right for him to do so, as Sri Sathya Vijaya Theertha had performed poojas and rituals at the Uttaradhi Mutt for a long time which he had not and hence, that made him worthy to have his Dhandam exchanged.

The Brindavana of Sri Sathya Veera Theetha
That is not all. The Brindavana of Sri Sathya Vijaya Theerthar also contains the Mrithika Brindavana of Sri Sathya Veera Theerthar, who was third in line as Pontiff after him. The Jagirdar is said to have been issueless for a long time, and it was through the grace and blessings of Sri Sathya Veera Theerthar that he was blessed with a son who he named after him. As a token of gratitude, he installed the brindavana of Sri Sathya Veera Theertha after his demise, next to Sri Sathya Vijaya Theertha. For a picture of the Jagirdar placing Sri Sathya Veera Theertha on his throne, and other interesting details about Sathya Vijaya Nagaram, please visit

The Brindavana Complex also has a Mrithika Brindavana of Sri Raghavendra installed in 1997. Every year, the Aradhana celebrations are held here with a great deal of festivity.

Mrithika Brindavana of Sri Raghavendra Swamy
How to reach here:

Sathya Vijaya Nagaram is about 7 kms before Arani when one takes the Chennai - Bangalore Highway.

Temple Timings:

The Achar's family lives close to the temple complex. Therefore, on a normal day one could call up the Achar before visiting.

Contact Details:

Sri Sathya Vijayachar - 99444 63550 . If you do happen to visit Sathya Vijaya Nagara, do make it a point to visit the Hanuman installed by Sri Vyasaraja, which is quite close to the Brindavana.


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