Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chintamani Temple, Anegundi

The entrance of the Chintamani Temple with a view of River Tungabadra 
Inside the cave where Rama met Sugreeva for the first time
The footprints of Rama at the spot where he aimed and
shot at Vaali
Anegundi is in Koppal District of Karnataka. Just across the river from Hampi, it is another treasure trove of ancient history and reminder of the glory of Krishnadevaraya and the Vijayanagar empire.
This place is believed to be the maternal home of Bhooma Devi and during Ramayana times,
this was Kishkinda, the kingdom of Vaali and Sugreeva. As I mentioned this place is so full of remains from the Ramayana times, that it is a delight to be here. The Chintamani temple complex houses the cave in which Rama met Sugreeva for the first time to seek support in finding Sita. Not only that, the spot from which he aimed and shot at Vaali is also here.

People light lamps and worship the stone on which Rama
is believed to have sat and spoken to Sugreeva in the cave

Light coming in through the roof in Sugreeva's cave

The mountain of ashes believed to be that of Vaali's
Close to the temple, is Pampa Sarovara which houses the cave in which Sabari, the old lady who was an ardent devotee of Rama met him. Sabari, anxious to give Rama the choicest of fruits, used to taste them first before offering to him, and the Lord understanding her love and devotion accepted those fruits with pleasure. The Anjanadri Hill, said to be the birth place of Hanuman, or Anjaneya as he is also called is also found here. The locals believe that the ashes of Vaali and some bones can still be found at the place where he was cremated in Nimmapuram.

This place is called Chintamani as it was here that Lord Rama met Hanuman for the first time along with Sugreeva and gave him a jewel to identify Hanuman as his messenger when he met Sita. The Chintamani temple was subsequently developed by a Saint who stayed here for several years. He has created a Sivalingam and Annapurani housed under a beautiful Rudraksha Mandapam and a Sree Chakram has also been installed here. It is believed that the saint one day went into the cave at the base of this temple and never came out.
The Sivalingam, Nandhi and Annapurani with Rudraksha Mandapam
inside the temple complex

There are several other interesting places to visit close to Chintamani like Navabrindavan which houses the brindavans (samadhis) of nine saints who were predecessors of Saint Raghavendra ( including the Brindavana of Vyasaraja the Rajaguru of Krishnadevaraya, the previous incarnation of Saint Raghavendra himself)and the samadhi of Krishnadevaraya. I plan to write a seperate blog on the three Navabrindavans in the country including this one, the other two being at Shenbakkam near Vellore and Erode near SPB colony.

Tourists who visit Hampi also visit Anegundi and it is common to find foreign tourists easily outnumbering Indians. There are modest places to stay at Anegundi itself and the Raghavendra Mutt there also provides rooms and food if requested in advance. A ferry service is available to take tourists from Anegundi to Navabrindavan and Hampi and it plies till about 6 pm in the evening but for the times of heavy rains. A bridge is also being constructed to facilitate road travel to these places. If you happen to plan to visit Hampi at any time, please take time out to visit Anegundi as well. It is an awesome place and a must see for every Indian.

Contact person at Anegundi : Mr.Manju Phone: 094492 84490. Note only BSNL phone network is available here.


  1. very interesting, and perfect timing. I am planning to visit hampi and anegundi at the end of the month... was anyway planning to visit navabrindavanam, but thanks for all the info...

  2. Great! Hope you have a wonderful trip....sharing some hampi pictures with you...hope they are helpful

  3. Very Nice account of the trip Priya. I should be visiting the Navabrindavan one day.
    I think the phone number should be Very useful. Is it for accommodation? Where did you stay?. How expensive is accommodation at Hampi?
    Please visit my travel blog and offer your comments when you find time.

  4. Hello Sridhar...the number is of the guide at Anegundi..he can also take care of accomodation and food at Anegundi, Navabrindavan and Hampi..We stayed at Mantralayam and visited all these places by is cheaper to stay at Anegundi and Mantralayam when compared to Hampi...If you want to stay at Hampi itself Manju can help u find good and economical accomodation..I will definitely visit your blog soon...Regards

  5. Hi Priya,

    I am Thirumal Reddy i am based out Anegondi, now i am workng in Bangalore. I happen to see the pic of angegondi in webte. Thanks for ur comments on my village. I really proude to be born in such a historical place.

  6. I am Thirumal Reddy i am based out from Anegondi, now i am workng in Bangalore. I happen to see the pic of angegondi in website. Thanks for ur comments on my village. I really proude to be born in such a historical place

  7. Dear Mr Reddy I am delighted to hear from someone from Anegondi. You really are lucky to be born in such a historical place. I have also written about Pampa Sarovar in this blog. Hope you like it.


  8. Madam, i read ur blog on Mantralayam trip and others. We are a group of ladies planning to visit Mantralayam and Nava Brindavan in January. Could you suggest places for accommodation. we are a group of 20 ladies.

  9. Dear Anbu, You can definitely visit mantralayam in January although you will have to check on possibility of visiting Navabrindavan from there at that time of the year. You can contact Mr. Srinivas at 09885027919 or 09885972488. He can help you with accomodation at the Mutt rooms and also with transport to and from the station and to Navabrindavan( if water has subsided) and other places around Mantralayam. It is more economical, comfortable and safe for ladies to stay at the Mutt rooms.
    Do call me on 9790918056 if you need any further information. I pray you have a wonderful visit to Manthralayam. Guruvae Saranam!