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Navabrindavan, Anegundi

A glimpse of the Nava Brindavanas
Immediately after writing about the Chintamani temple, at Anegundi I wanted to write about Navabrindavan which is on the other side of the Tungabadra from the Chintamani temple. Nava Brindavan means nine tombs of saints who were predecessors of Sri Raghavendra. The brindavans are situated in a small mound like island in the middle of Tungabadra. The only mode of reaching Navabrindavan is through ferries in summer season. In rainy seasons where the river is flooded, there is no route to reach there, and therefore, blessed are those who have the opportunity to do so. Who are these saints who have their tombs here? Why did they choose to do so at this exact place? Read on.
This was the place where Sangukarna, an angel used to come and collect flowers for the puja of Sriman Narayana in Devaloka. He used to forget himself in the beauty and serenity of this location that he would often return late, well past the time the flowers would be required. Angered by the fact that he often was lost in worldly pleasures, he was cursed to be born as an asura. The child so born to Hiranyakasipu, the demon king, was none other than Prahalada. Prahalada spent hours meditating in the cave on this island. He used to come here from his palace and stay and meditate on Narayana. The place where the homa kunta of Prahalada once stood now bears the moola brindavana of Sri Raghavendra ( at Mantralaya) and the place where Prahalada meditated and where Sangukarna spent several hours collecting choice flowers bears the brindavana of Sri Vyasaraja.
Prahlada Cave

The connection can be well appreciated if one is aware of the reincarnations of Sangukarna.
Sangukarna - Prahalada - the lesser known avatar Pahlikaraja - Vyasaraja & Raghavendra. There is no avatar after Sri Raghavendra as he has promised to stay in his astral form within the brindavana for 700 years.
Beautiful view of the Tungabadra at the entrance to Navabrindavan

After crossing the river Tungabadra by ferry, we have to get down at the island and walk through the rocky terrain for about 500 - 700 metres to reach Navabrindavan. All puja items will have to be taken from the Raghavendra Mutt at Anegundi since nothing is available there.
An old mandapam on the way to Navabrindavan

 Even the battars reach there by ferry and come back in the evening. During rainy season, there is no puja and harathi is shown from the other side of the river itself. The first thing to do when you get down from the ferry is to take a dip in the icy cold waters of the tungabadra. I always feel there is a lot of difference in the waters of the Tungabadra between Mantralaya, Bhikshalaya and Navabrindavan. While in Mantralaya, it is warm and welcoming, in Bhikshalaya or Bichale as it is locally called, it gushes with happiness and in Navabrindavan it is extremely calm, deep and chill. Pebbles of unique shapes are all over the bed of the river and are usually collected and placed in pooja rooms. There are stones like Ganesha, Shivalingam, and various other forms.
The ancient Ranganathaswamy shrine with lamps 

The navabrindavan complex has the samadhis of the nine saints, a Ranganatha Swamy shrine, a Hanuman shrine and another hanuman installed by Sri Vyasaraja, right opposite to his brindavan.

There is sufficient space to circumambulate around the samadhis.
The saints whose brindavanas are available in the temple complex are:
1. Sri Padmanabha Theerthar - the first and a direct disciple of Sri Madhvacharya
2. Sri Jayatheerthar/Sri Raghuvaryar - There is a lot of debate whether the second brindavana in Navabrindavan belongs to Sri Jayatheerthar also known as Teekachariar or Sri Raghuvaryar.
3. Sri Kaveendra Theerthar- Moolaguru to two important Madhva Maths
4. Sri Vaageesa Theerthar
Sri Sudheendra Theerthar Brindavanam
5. Sri Vyasarajar- Sri Vyasaraja as we saw earlier was the previous incarnation of Sri Raghavendra. He was the Raja Guru of the Vijayanagar Empire and has installed over 700 Hanuman idols all over the country.
6.Sri Srinivasa Theerthar - Next in lineage to Sri Vyasarajar
7. Sri Ramatheerthar - Sri Rama Theerthar succeeded Sri Srinivasa Theerthar
8. Sri Sudheendra Theerthar - Sri Sudeendrar succeeded Sri Rama Theerthar. He was Sri Raghavendra's guru and the noble saint who initiated him into sanyas.
9. Sri Govinda Odayaru

Sri Vyasaraja Brindavana

Out of these, the Vyasaraja Brindavana is unique and has four pillars in front of it. Figures of Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman, Krishna, Sri Vyasaraja etc. are inscibed on the four sides of the Brindavana. Opposite to the Vyasaraja Brindavana, is the Avatharatraya Hanuman temple. This idol of Hanuman installed here by  Sri Vyasaraja is indeed unique.
It depicts the three avatars - Hanuma, Bheema, Madhva in one form. The face is like Hanuman, the arms and shoulders well - rounded and muscular with the Gadhayudha symbolises Bheema, the avatar of Hanuman in the next yuga and the manuscripts in his hand symbolises Madhvacharya.

Avathaarathraya Hanuman
There are two other shrines here, one of Sri Ranganatha swamy with Lakshmi Devi holding his feet and the other another Hanuman temple. These two are atop a boulder, next to the cave in which Prahalada had spent several years meditating. They seem to be older in times when compared to the Avathaarathraya Hanuman.
There are certain regulations while visiting the Navabrindavan.
1. Nobody is allowed to touch the brindavans and disturb the saints in meditation.
2. A yellow line has been drawn around the brindavans and the line should not be crossed while circumambulating.
3. Do not go around the brindavans with wet clothes and untied hair.
4. This is a very holy place and is a parihara sthala for all astrological complications one might have and therefore should be treated that way.
There are several means of information about Navabrindavans these days. But from what I have read so far, Sri. A S Rajagopalan, Editor, Kumudam Jodhidam and Sri. Amman Sathyanathan, author of Sri Raghavendra Mahimai Volumes have been giving a lot of authentic information about the saints, the place and its importance and have been advocating for people to visit here at least once in their lifetimes to get the blessings of these great saints.
The Ranganatha swamy shrine in Navabrindavan

One can also get all information about Nava Brindavan ,pooja items, times of worship etc. from the Raghavendra Swamy Mutt at Anegundi
The view outside Nava Brindavan

Apart from Navabrindavan here at Anegundi, there are two other navabrindavans at Shenbakkam near Vellore and at Erode near SPB Colony respectively. I have been able to visit both with Rayaru's blessings and will soon write about them, god willing.


  1. A very complete writing which fills the gaps of my travelogue as well. I didn't know the Navabrindhavana at Shenbakkam when I visited there. I am awaiting the travelogue of that. Also, if you can mark the place (Shenbakkam Navabrindhavana) in Wikimapia, it would be helpful for everyone.

  2. Strange dvarapalakas you show. are they both Hanumans?
    can't make out the proper lft. one.

  3. @Injamaven,Yes, they are hanumans indeed. In a kneeling and praying position. The lighting was very limited inside the shrine so could not capture them well. Will do so when I visit next. Thanks.

  4. @Raju Sir, Thanks for your very generous comment. The Navabrindavana is very close to the Selva Vinayakar temple. I will try and mark it in Wikimapia soon. Do await the post on the same:)
    Thanks Priya

  5. hi priya
    it was really nice to see navbrindavan throuh your could have added the ferry journey tooby pictures.feel like visiting the nava purushas sthal again.good work. keep expanding,,,

  6. Hi priya,

    It's very nice to see your blog post about navabrindvanam visit.. Hope you had very nice experience and you can see more good hope in near future with gods' grace.. (I'm planning to go by 28 - 29 of this month) This is my third year of consecutive visit.

    We have created small website as which we would like to put news about navabrindavanam and visitor's experience which will guide other people to reach navabrindavan. I would like share this blog post in my website.. Can you please send me your approval for this?

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  7. Venkadesh
    I visited the site Quite a useful site. Should be of great use when someone is planning for a visit to see all connected data in one place, though quite an amount of info on Navabrindavanam is available on the net..

  8. @ Mr. Venkadesh, I visited your site and found it a good hub of information on Navabrindavan. Sharing this blog post with due credits is absolutely fine with me. Please go ahead.

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  10. i think there is a Navabrindavanam @Thirukoilur?!Am i right?

  11. The brindavana at Tirukoilur is the Moola Brindavan of Sri Raghootama Swamy. There is only one brindava there. Regards

  12. @Priya: Nice to meet you after long while..! Thanks for your approval on using your post in my website Please look at the updated pages with design elements inspired by your blog..! Thanks again for your great contribution and i look forward to more from you soon.

    @Sridharan: Thanks sridharan for your comments. Now you can get more info with exact route plan from major cities. If you can, please send me the best way to reach navabrindavanam from other part of tamilnadu like kovai, salem, madurai etc. Also if you have good pics on Navabrindavanam, please share it with us. Thanks - Venki. N

  13. Dear Mr. Venkadesh,

    I feel extremely blessed that some information from my site is shared on the Navabrindavan website .....It is all the grace of Guru Raghavendra !

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    I just visited the website. I had mentioned in my previous message that I am happy to provide consent to use information provided due credit for content is given. I did not see it anywhere mentioned that I had authored the content there. Just to ensure that people do not think I have copied content from your website and produced on my blog, can you make sure that an acknowledgment is made on the site that it is an excerpt from my blog. I am sure that will make things easy for both of us.
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  15. Thank you very much for your Photos of Navabrindavanam which i was not taken when i visited to Navabrindavanam on 17th of July 2011.

  16. Thank you Mr. Jagadeesan. I am glad you were able to visit Navabrindavanam and get the blessings of the saints present there!

  17. Yes Very good one Ihave seen this in 1964

  18. Priya - I must mention that by sharing this information U have made a feeling in me that I have to see this place sometime in this Life. I am from belgaum went to hampi many times but never knew about this place.
    Thanks from bottom of my heart. may god bless you alwys.


  19. My heartful thanks to you for giving valuable information about Navabrindavanam. Within a short time I too will the sacred place and I will share my feelings after my visit.

    Thanking you,

    Dr Sridharamurthy

  20. This is the HOLY place where Sri rama with Seethadevi,Lakshmana, moved about during vanavasa,'Sri ramalakshmana xxxx Pampasarasthachatra/Refer DASAVATHARA STUTHI OF VADIRAJA SRIMACHHARANA.

  21. its very nice to see the places where we are not able to see,through the eyes of an enthusiast who want to explore the unknown....very good photography...informative

  22. As One of my friends was a key to open my knowledge on Navabrindavan, You were the key to show Navabrindavan to my eyes.
    Guru Rayar would lead you all the very best in your life, Let your help would continue for the society and the earth on the whole.

    The Names I found on the walls of Navabrindavan are.....

    1.Padhmanabha thirtha
    2.Kavindra Thirtha
    3.Vagheesa Thirtha
    4.Vyaasa raja Thirtha
    5.Raghuvarya Thirtha
    6.Srinivasa Thirtha
    7.Rama Thirtha
    8.Sudheendra Thirtha
    9.Govinda Odeyaru

    As Thiru. Bhakta vasalam (08533 267880) of Anegundi, requested with mercy, I am adding his contact number.
    When somebody has got plan / was given a chance in life time by Guru Rayar to visit the place, Please make a call to Thiru. Bhaktavasalam and get to know the Motor Boat availability and river water level in thungabatra. So that you can visit Navabrindavan very closely. Thiru. Bhaktavasalam has seen lot of our devotees cried while they were unable to cross the river and unable to find help from motor boat during heavy water flow in the river.

    This is the reason, Thiru Bhaktavasam has requested me to post the message and his contact details.

    Thiru Bhaktavasam owns a hygienic vegetarin hotel and serves the meal in his classic way.

    I hope the message might be useful.

    You may visit Navabrindavan From Manthralayam --->Sindhanur--->Gangavathi--->Anegundi--->Navabrindavan.

    Recent Travel Fare (2 Sept 2012 ): Rs.3200 (including driver) (Vehicle brand : FORCE(11+1) Non Ac)

    Sriniketan hotel near Rayar brindhavanam also helps us visiting the place through some travel agencies.

  23. Dear Priya,
    I m Sundaram from Coimbatore. I m going to navabrindavan during Pongal Holidays.
    have you stayed in hotel sriniketan, how far is it from Navabrindavan. i m planning to stay near navabrindhavan and take a holy dip at sunrise at that place. kindly inform me any scources. Can u mail me - My mobile number - 09942909621

  24. really very happy:) we will be there on june 22nd:) i am from coimbatore only..

  25. i am from coimbatore..really happy to read your post..we will be there on june 22nd and i am visiting 3rd time..I am really happy to visit this holy place 3rd time that too at my 21 years itself :)

  26. Yearerday I had been to Navabrindavan. From Hospet I travelled via Huligi to Anaekundi in share auto. It took more than 3 hours.
    Bus No. 205 is from Railway station, Hospet which goes via bus station and reaches Kamalapur. From kamalapur, Talwarghat is 5kms. There are share autos available from kamalapur to Talwarghat. Once you cross the river Tubgabathra at Talwarghat, share autos are available up to Anaekundi. This is the shortest route to reach navabrindavan.

  27. I read the navabrindavana dhyana sloga in some tamil magazine. wanted to share.

    "Padmanabam kaveendram cha, vaageesam, vyaasaraajagam,
    raghuvaryam, sreenivaasam, raamatheertham, thathaiva cha,
    sri sucheendram govindam navabrindavanam bhaje"

  28. I read the navabrindavana dhyana slogam in one the tamil magazine. Here is the sloga:

    "Padmanabam kabeendram cha vaageesam vyasaraajagam
    raghuvaryam, srinivasam, raamatheertham thathaiva cha
    sri sucheendram govindham navabrindavanam baje"

  29. Nice Blog:

    I am basically from this part of karnataka (Koppala district)


    Padmanabhaa, kavindranchaa, vaagheesham, vyasaraajakam, raghuvarya, sudheendrancha, srinivasa taponidhe ramathirthasya govindam navavrindavanam bhajeth.

  30. Dear Mrs.Priya,
    Very usefull information, thanks for sharing it was really handy, nothing much to add on. Our heartfelt thanks once again, All the Best Wishes to You & Family.

  31. Sad to hear the shrines had been vandalized!very shocking..

  32. Comprehensive info.reafing this 20 kms to navavrindavan. 🙏