Monday, September 27, 2010

1008 Shiva Temple, Salem

A view of the hillock of 1008 Shiva temples from the starting point!

1008 Shiva temples on a hillock! Surprised! Vinayaka Mission Institutions, Salem has built 1008 Shiva temples with identical Nandis in front of them all over a hillock on the Salem - Sangagiri highway on the right just after crossing the Vinayaka Mission Institutions.
Ganesha - Muzhumudharkadavul at the starting point

A huge Vinayaka greets you at the foothills, and the guard is very helpful in guiding devotees on how to go up the hillock by walk/by car. I would suggest walking up if time and health permit as it gives ample time to stop at each lingam, named after the sahasra namas of Lord Shiva, and offer prayers.

Beautiful settings as we go up the hill at dusk
The surrounding greenery, and the Sangagiri mountains at a distance, create an ethereal sense of serenity.  The lingams are interspersed with other sannadhis of Lord Muruga similar to those at the Aru padai Veedu, Raja Rajeshwari, Anjaneya, Mahalakshmi, Venkatesa perumal among others- all magnificient, the deities beautifully sculptured and maintained extremely well despite the size and location.

Replica of Thiruparankundram - one of AruPadai Veedu temples 
A special mention is definitely required about the main deity on top of the hillock - Sri Umaiyambigai Samedha Sri Arunachala Sundareswara. When one beholds him, all the effort of going up the hillock vanish. He is so huge and magnificient - a true jewel on the crown of the hillock. They say the height of the lingam is about 17'
The gopuram of Arunachala Sundareshwara seen from the foothill

As it is on the By - Pass, this temple is easily accessible to devotees who travel by road and on a weekend there are several devotees who come from other parts of the city and spend a quiet and serene evening here amidst nature and divinity.
More lingams as we go down

Definitely stop by if you happen to travel that side ! You can also read this post from This website also has a lot of interesting info about Salem.
A panoramic view from our car as we move down the hillock reluctantly !!


  1. i want salem temples(all) details, if u like send me E-mail

  2. We stopped one day while driving by on pilgrimage to other temples. It was my daughter's favorite temple.

  3. its very atractive while travaling on train at night time...all is siva

  4. Only ambal sannithi atop is open all round whereas others are kept closed between 1.30-4.00 pm

  5. Surprised to see just passed as time did not permit....