Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sree Raghavendra Mrithika Brindavana, Kannankurichi, Salem

With the grace of Guru Raghavendra who is the guiding source of my life, I have been able to worship his Moola Brindavana at Mantralaya several times, as well as several other Mrithika Brindavanas, and the three Nava Brindavanas.
This mrithika brindavana recently been built in Salem is one very dear to my heart. It is so similar yet, so different from the others, and really endearing that one would want to stay there forever.

The similarity is that like any other mrithika brindavana ,it has Sree Raghavendra as the principal deity of the temple. The difference is that it also has a huge Kamadhenu and Kalpaka vriksha behind the brindavana. When you stand there and chant the mantra " Poojyaya Raghavendraya, Sathya Dharma Rathaayacha, Bhajathaam Kalpavrukshaya, Namathaam Kaamadhenave" the wholesome view of Raghavendra Swamy along with the Kalpavruksha and Kamadhenu in front of your eyes, brings tears of joy as you pray.
The Mrithika brindavana on Koorma peetam with a partial view
of Kamadhenu and Kalpakavrisha behind it 

Not just this, the platform also has idols of Sri Yoga Lakshmi Narasimha and Dhanvantri, as well as Sri Anjaneya on either side of the brindavana. The devotees while going around the brindavana also circumambulate around their and Sri Raghavendra 's abhimana moorthys.

The temple is undergoing civil works still but already has started drawing several devotees to it. The recently concluded Aradhana saw several people visit and worship here. Food was served all around the temple on the open area.

There is yet another highlight to this temple. Those devotees who have had the grace to visit Mantralaya would have seen a miniature brindavana on top of the moola brindavana which can be viewed from far. Sree Raghavendra had requested for this to be constructed to fulfill the desire of Nawab Siddhi Masood Khan who had wanted to worship him from outside the temple. This brindavana also has the "Prana Prathista" of Sree Raghavendra.

Similar to this, the Kannangurichi brindavana has a prototype of the brindavana constructed on the top, serving like a gopuram. This golden brindavana is huge, and the tulasi mala that is adorned on it (made of golden cement balls) looks so natural and real. This brindavana is visible from a distance and is a joy to behold. It is as if from far, you see him calling out towards you, recognising that you have come to visit him.There are steps leading up to the terrace, from where you can get close and worship this brindavana as well.
Brindavana on top of the temple

The temple is in Nithya Nagar 3rd Street,
Kannangurichi, Salem 636 008. The contact numbers are 94432 68887/94439 88424. Do visit if you are passing that way and gain the grace of Rayaru!

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