Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Marvel called Parvati Ganesha at Hampi!

The beautiful pond at Hampi
Hampi- the pride of Vijayanagar empire, the treasure trove of craftsmanship and the standing evidence to the cruelty of the invaders is a must see for every Indian. It would take 3-4 days at least for a complete tour of the wonderful city that bears testimony to the rich and varied cultural heritage of India.

There are 84 sites recommended by the Archaeological Department and many many more by the locals. It is indeed a pity to see the foreign tourists greatly outnumbering the localities.

During my trip to Hampi, I was able to spent only one day and could see only 18 places. A real pity and a reason for me to go back soon!

There are two huge Ganeshas in Hampi - One a 32 feet ganesha with his truck mutilated by the invaders and the other this 16 feet Ganesha called Parvathi Ganesha.
32 feet Ganesha
Most of the temples do not have any poojas performed as the main idols have been damaged. When our guide Manju took us to this temple, and told us the size and the name of the Ganesha we were rarely impressed.

The front view of Parvati Ganesha
So what? All the idols in Hampi are huge and this is one of those! But when he urged us to go around and look at the back of the idol, the sight we saw brought a smile to all our faces....it was really charming and adorable! To know what lies behind this ganesha, move down to the next picture! LOL!

The oversized Ganesha sitting on Mother Parvati's lap!
Do check out this delightful Ganesha while you are at Hampi!

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